Hampton Sailer,

Consulting Hardware and Software Design Engineer

Eatontown, NJ, Email: hampton@eclipse.net

Phone: (732) 542-7365 (home), (732) 693-3869 (cell)





For many years I have done embedded microprocessor hardware, firmware and software design projects. I also have extensive TCP/IP networking experience, working with Ethernet hardware and device drivers. In the last 6 years I have focased on developing database connected websites, and programming the Internet of Things.


       Ability to analyze requirements, propose product solutions and debug complex systems.

       Proficient in project planning, creating project specifications, schedules, cost estimates.

       Proficient with Microsoft office, Word, Excel, Visio, Power Point, MS Project.

       Software development in C, C++, C#, Java, assembly language.

       Web Development with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

       Expert in embedded microprocessor system design, analog and digital electronics.

       Schematic design of electronic PCB's using Mentor Graphics and OrCAD software.

       Design and simulation of FPGA and CPLD control logic using Verilog, with Altera tools.

       Proficient with Switching power supply design, A/D, D/A and op amp design.

       Extensive knowledge of networking protocols, TCP/IP, Ethernet, WAN and Wi-Fi.

       Extensive use of test equipment, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, emulators, debuggers.

       Practical lab skills, debug, use of SMT devices, soldering skills, rework.

       Good practical AC power wiring experience.




Seacoast Software Consultants, Red Bank, NJ Consulting SW Design Sept 2011 to April 2017

       Started my own business designing customer websites, with extensive database conectivity. Worked with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap, for responsive webpage experience. Mobile webpages created to access online database. Please see my business website at www.seacoastsoft.com

       Programming with Arduino embedded microcontrollers, with USB and Ethernet control links to Windows.

       Creating Microsoft Windows GUI applications in C++ and C# using USB and Ethernet drivers.


QEI Inc, Springfield, NJ Contracting HW Design Engineer Feb 2010 to Aug 2011

       Designed SCADA Remote Terminal Unit Linux based router and application processor, with Ethernet, RS-485 serial, USB, IRIG-B interfaces, 532 MHz Freescale iMX357 processor, 512 Megabytes DDR SDRAM, 1 Gigabyte Flash, switching regulators. System design, layout and debug complete.


Conexant Systems Inc, Red Bank, NJ Hardware Design Engineer 1999 to 2009

       Worked on Verilog design of Ethernet to POS-PHY interface converter in a team of two people, project went into production. Was responsible for PCB design.

       Designed Verilog Ethernet to UL2 interface converter using AAL5 encapsulation.

       Designed FPGA and SDRAM based data capture unit for Firmware developers to analyze DSL startup.

       Designed ATM bus test generator in FPGA hardware, including PC GUI in C++

       Designed Super Globespan Development System SGDS Motherboard which was used by all Firmware designers throughout the company to develop code for Conexant DSL DSP chips.

       Designed CPLD Ethernet interface for new chip system emulation.

       Taught internal classes in TCP/IP networking and C++ programming.



Madge Networks, Eatontown, NJ Member of Technical Staff 1998 to 1999

       Designed four channel T1/E1 line interface with PRI HDLC control ports on PCI plug in card, using Altera FPGA PCI bus interface (Altera Macro Cell).


Control Resources Corp, Fair Lawn, NJ Senior Engineer自由伊安卓版中文版1994 to 1998

       Designed Motorola MPC860MH microprocessor controlled ISDN 4 line BRI dial backup module. Designed block level architecture, performed schematic capture, worked with PCB layout dept, board level debug.

       Designed Motorola MC68302 microprocessor controlled ISDN BRI line used for dial backup and bandwidth on demand for a 56K DDS leased line. Performed board level debug, certified line interface with Siemens K1404 tester, wrote diagnostics for production test and Burn-in.



Dataram Corp, Princeton, NJ Principal Engineer 1989 to 1993

自由伊安卓版中文版DR6003 - Reverse engineered and team design of 128 Megabyte memory board for IBM RS/6000 workstation. Operated at 62 MHZ, 80 bit bus, using 4 way bank DRAM interleave. Designed test fixture to emulate IBM memory bus.

       Reverse engineered and build test fixture, then designed large PCB designs for Sun Workstations. Three products released to production.


自由伊安卓版中文版, Tinton Falls, NJ Senior Engineer 1982 to 1988

自由伊安卓版中文版Model 3280 - Logic design for 32 bit, 4 staged pipelined super minicomputer. Responsible for design of Instruction fetch, and address calculate stages. Design incorporated complicated levels of hardware interlocks, and mainframe level architectural features, such as instruction and data caches, writeable control store.


Digital Equipment Corp, Maynard, MA Senior Engineer 1977 to 1982

       Advanced development in Personal Computer group. Various microcomputer projects, Video Controller, high speed serial Interface, Co-processor design. Designed internal microcode for PDP-11 CPU microprocessor. PDP-11 assembly level diagnostics.




Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ - B.S.E.E, 1977

自由伊安卓版中文版 自由伊安卓版中文版, Lincroft, NJ Introduction to C programming 1987

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, - Pascal class 1991

Polytechnic University, Westchester, NY Broadband Networks, Fall 1997

Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ

Telecommunications (TCP/IP) 自由伊安卓版中文版Fall 1998

Data communications (LAN, WAN) Spring 1999

Brookdale College, Lincroft, NJ Object Oriented Programming C++, 2001

Cisco Certified Network Associate training, fall 2011 term complete

Java Programming Level 2 - Fall 2012

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